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      Who Will Care for Your Cat?

      While none of us wants to think about our own mortality or our own vulnerability to accident and the whims of fate, in order to protect the people we love, most of us have forced ourselves to do so. Thus, most of us have made arrangements for ourselves and our human family in case something happens to us.  We have written wills, bought accident, medical and/or disability insurance, and otherwise planned for many possibilities and eventualities. However, have you also taken into consideration what will happen to your pets and made some caring plans for their futures should something happen to you? They can't plan for futures possibilities, it is up to you to do it for them.

      For the safety of your pet, thought must go into planning for such possibilities despite our distaste for thinking of the worst. Some pedigreed cats will live for 20 or more years and many pedigreed cats live for more than 10 years, so you could be looking at making provisions for your cat for a considerable period of time.

      Should something happen to you, have you made arrangements for your cat's needs? Have you selected and spoken to a special person who will provide for shelter, love, sustenance, and clean litter boxes for your cat should you suffer a disabling accident or die? Do your friends and family know what person to contact in case of an emergency that requires someone to take care of your cat immediately for a short time? Do they know who you want to care for your cats should something more permanent be required? Is there information easily available for firefighters, emergency personnel, or a medic should something happen to a caretaker while you are on vacation or hospitalized? Have you made plans for someone to provide care when you cannot? Here are some places to that may provide some valuable tips while you are considering your answers to these questions:

      Who is who?

      Who Will Care for your Pets?

      Planning for Your Cat's Care



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