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Catteries Listed By Breed                

The breeders whose catteries are listed care deeply about their breeds. Rescued cats are NOT used for breeding nor are they available for breeding. Rescue is also NOT a vehicle to place retired breeding cats or cattery kittens - retired cats who were previously breeders or kittens produced by the breeders are not placed as rescues. The breeders whose catteries are listed have affirmed their support of rescue efforts and animal welfare ideals  Please feel free to contact us if there is any question about any link on any of the directories on this domain. If you are a breeder and feel your cattery and rescue efforts qualify, please do sign up, making sure to fill out as much of the form as applicable!

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The Program to help our military men and women have their cats to come home to even if they don't have friends or family that can take their pets when they are called for active duty





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