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      Caring for Your Cat or Kitten  

      The Feline Rescue Network provides basic cat care information and links in order to educate cat owners and potential new owners. In far too many cases, people have lost their pets or been forced to give up animals because they did not understand that  animal's basic behaviors and needs. Please do help educate others about each species or breed BEFORE they get a pet and caution them to ONLY get a pet if they can honestly commit to that responsibility for the lifetime of the animal. If they are considering buying a whole animal as a pet, please tell them the advantages of spaying or neutering that pet. Only a very few purebred cats, as identified by knowledgeable breeders, are likely to contribute to their breed's important health, beauty and temperament characteristics. It is a rare cat that is qualified for a responsible, pedigreed breeding program! If a person is not ready to undertake the increased level of commitment to a breed which that entails, then other options are available that will still allow them the enjoyment of their chosen breed. Please ask them to consider the neutered or spayed rescue cat as one of those options! Thanks for caring!

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      Please click below to find ourThe Program to help our military men and women have their cats to come home to even if they don't have friends or family that can take their pets when they are called for active duty how you can help




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