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      Exercise your heart! Adopt a Rescue Group! 
      "There is no better exercise for the heart than bending down to life somone up" - Bernard Meltzer


      Want to help rescue efforts, but unable to offer a home to a cat in need right now? There are lots of other ways you or your group can help! Please do consider all the options listed below! Thank you for caring!

      How to Help Humans in Disaster Areas | How to Help Animals in Disaster Areas
      Operation Noble Foster
      Honor a Special Cat | Individuals
      | Groups | Individuals & Groups | Sponsor | Advertise  

      Honor your feline "soul mate" - that special kitty whose purrs echo in your heart, who shares your joys and comforts you in times of need and who always seems to know your state of mind and be there for you. Celebrate that special feline's life or honor their memory by donating in their name. Their name will listed on The Honor Roll with a link to a specially and individually designed webpage displaying their picture(s) and information. 

      What individuals can do to help Rescue
      Homes, fosters, and transport help are generally needed
      all over the country. If you can provide either, please post a message to The Feline Rescue Network Message board.

      If you wish to offer help or have something to donate to rescue, we also list offers to meet wishes in our wish lists and you can use our Adopt-A-Rescue form to let us know to post your offer. Rescues often need all sorts of things that many people discard or have destroy without thinking. Old towels, pillow cases, blankets can come in very handy, for instance. Check the Wish Lists and you will be able to see the type of things rescues are requesting.

      All those individuals posting offers and providing help through our Adopt A Rescue Group program will be eligible to display the "An Act of Heart" award and will be listed on the Act of Heart Honor Roll. 

      What Groups can do to help Rescue
        Adopt A Rescue Group!
      Has your cat club, lodge, scout troop, or other non-rescue organization "adopted" a cat rescue (helped them fund raise and collect items for their use on a regular basis) or does it run a rescue service? Let us know and we will offer to honor your group on this page with a link to that rescue or your group's web page and you or your group will have the option of displaying one of our awards. All those posting offers and providing help through our Adopt A Rescue Group program will also be thus honored. 

      The catteries whose breeders do rescue and support rescue groups are honored by listing in our Cattery Listings, and will not be separately listed on our award page as a result. These breeders have affirmed their  caring and commitment to the welfare of cats through their support of responsible pet ownership, principles of reputable breeding, rescues efforts, and animal welfare ideals and are eligible to display the "An Act of Heart" award.

      Help The Feline Rescue Network continue to help Rescues

      Tell friends, family & associates about The Catnip Patch News and urge them to subscribe! The more information available to cat owners and rescuers alike, the better! The Catnip Patch News supports responsible pet ownership and will also help keep the Feline Rescue Network a premier cat site on the internet and help promote the site, rescue, and the adoption of cats!

      The more traffic the Feline Rescue Network gets, the more likely that cats in need will find homes. If you have a website, please provide a banner link to the Feline Rescue Network and provide a text link to the FRN Message Board.

        • HTML for banner links to FRN is available at: http://felinerescue.net/Logos.htm
        • The Feline Rescue Network Message Board: http://www.messagefriends.com/talk/catnip.html

      The Feline Rescue Network is  looking for sponsors to help funding, production & promotion of The Catnip Patch News and of the Feline Rescue Network website! We have several dedicated volunteers providing content & web design, but there are significant and rising costs that need to be covered. If you wish be listed as a sponsor, please contact us for more information

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      We are always open to publishing interesting cat information and articles provided by guest columnists. If you have an interesting bit of information or are willing to write an article, please contact us for more information!

      Rescues, please let us know if you have a benefactor you wish to honor. Also, please let us know that offers are followed through so we can honor your benefactor.




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