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National Abyssinian Rescue



NAR is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit breed rescue and education organization. NAR is also a network of Abyssinian lovers that are dedicated to help any Aby in distress anywhere/anytime. We facilitate the rescue, and rehoming of abandoned, lost or abused Abys in almost any type of situation. NAR's network extends from coast to coast. We also assist local Abyssinian rescue groups and cooperate with all rescue organizations around the nation. If you have a distressed Aby, have found one, or know about one, please contact us and we will do what we can to help.


Somali/Abyssinian Breed Rescue & Education

PO Box 838
Cary, IL 60013 


S.A.B.R.E. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit breed rescue and education organization that was founded in 1994. Our goal is to provide a haven for unwanted purebred Abyssinian and Somali cats and place them in responsible homes, as well as educate people about these wonderful cats and their needs. We place spayed and neutered cats either by taking custody and fostering them, or by assisting owners place their cats in new homes directly through our "match up" program. All cats adopted through S.A.B.R.E. are guaranteed FeLV/FIV negative, current on their vaccines, and spayed or neutered (with no exceptions!). We screen potential adopters because our goal is to adopt out each animal once, so we want to make sure we place the cat in the right home on the first try. Although we have a waiting list, a cat is not placed on a "first come, first served" basis, but rather is placed in the environment that is best suited for its particular situation.If you want a kitten, S.A.B.R.E. is not the place to look. Although we have had rare occasions where we find kittens in need of rescue, this is not the norm. Most of the cats that come through S.A.B.R.E.'s care are older than two, often older than five. Abyssinians and Somalis are beautiful animals, with friendly, outgoing dispositions. They are very athletic and active cats which thrive on interaction, affection, and play. Although beautiful, an Abyssinian or a Somali is not the ideal cat for everyone. They have a lot of energy and demand a lot of attention. People who purchase one on impulse from a pet store are often unhappy to find that instead of a mellow, independent, albeit beautiful cat or kitten, they find themselves with a cat that follows them about the house, gets underfoot, and may cause destruction if ignored. They are much like dogs in this manner. They also retain their kitten-like vitality for many years, often long after their owners expect these cats to "mellow out."


Cat Purebred Rescue (CPR)
P.O. Box 1363
Kent, Washington  98035-1363
Voice Mail: (206) 782-2616


CAT PUREBRED RESCUE (CPR) is a 501(c)3 no-profit organization,which was founded in 1994. Mission Statement: We are a permanent committee of cat fanciers, affiliated with the "Responsible Cat Fanciers of the Northwest", who seek to improve the life conditions of pedigreed cats of all breeds recognized by the various registries. We plan to do this through education, identification, rescue, and placement. Our goal is to reduce the abandonment and surrender to shelters of pedigreed cats.



No CA Abyssinian Rescue-Foster & Placement
Phone: (415)398-3000




The Somali Breeders and Fanciers Association, Inc

Contacts: Renee Thompson 
Phone: (606)363-8331 
Email: symbaricat@aol.com

Bethany Tod 
Phone: (216)556-2636 
Email: Tadofa@aol.com




Southern California Abyssinian Rescue-Foster and Placement




Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue
All breeds except Persian/Himalayian and Siamese, referral offered for those breeds
Kirsten Kranz
Phone: (262)




Cat Breed Rescue Logo

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Let people know about your rescue or a cat even if you don't have a website! This could be where you can tell people about your efforts and your cats. Or you can submit a cat picture and have it shown next to the information about the cat and your rescue until the cat is placed, then send another picture in and update your listing as often as every few days!  All reputable rescues and rescuers can list for FREE. Picture display will be provided for those with listed rescues who actively support responsible pet ownership.  

The Feline Rescue Network provides FREE EXTENDED LISTINGS WITH PICTURE OR LOGO & LINK to those rescuers whose applications for listing reflect an active support of responsible pet ownership. If  you are a rescuer or interested party or know of a RESCUE or NO KILL shelter and you wish it  to be added on our RESCUE listings, please fill out our electronic  form to submit the information.



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