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The Program to help our military men and women have their cats to come home to even if they don't have friends or family that can take their pets when they are called for active duty

The Catnip Patch News is packed with information pertinent to cat owners, cat   rescuers, cat fanciers and those who just have an interest in cats! This bimonthly newsletter offers breaking news from the veterinary world, information on freebies available on the internet, tips on grooming and cat care.


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The Catnip Patch Newsletter is the Official Newsletter of the Feline Rescue Network. The Network provides information, both informative and educational, for the global cat loving community and assistance to the unwanted cats in this country and the world. Visit http://FelineRescue.net 

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We are looking for sponsors to help fund production & promotion of this newsletter and of the Feline Rescue Network website! We have several dedicated volunteers providing content & web design, but there are significant and rising costs that need to be covered. If you wish to be listed as a sponsor, please contact us for more information at:    

Sponsors are always welcome and will be honored on our VIP web page and in the newsletter.





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