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Application for Cattery listing

The Feline Rescue Network will provide FREE cattery listings of those breeders who actively support rescue efforts & ideals and responsible pet ownership. If  you feel you qualify and you wish your cattery listed on our cattery listing pages, please fill out the form below so we can determine your eligibility, then click here to place your listing for approval in the directory.  If you currently have a cattery listed, please click on the link above and resubmit your information.  You will be able to add up to three photos in your listing in the new directory and maintain the listing information yourself once you are approved.

* All catteries who actively support rescue efforts and responsible pet ownership can list for FREE.

* Picture display will be provided for those with listed catteries who do hands-on rescue OR for those who individually donated in excess of $100 to any registry-wide, registry supported Rescue effort within the calendar year.

If you actively do hands-on rescue of strays, rescue from shelters, or you participate in trap-neuter-return program or rescue transport, as compared to simply supporting rescue efforts at a distance (through small donations, club booths, etc), OR, if you have made a substantial donation ($100+) to registry-based, registry-wide rescue efforts (such as CFA Purebred Rescue or CFA Disaster Relief) within this calendar year, you may also be eligible for the featured site of the month display in that section of the site.

* No cattery will be listed or linked to from this domain whose website contains AR propaganda, links to Animal Rights sites or links to other sites which are not deemed in the best interest of cats or the cat fancy in the opinion of The Feline Rescue Network. 

* Webmasters may only sign up a cattery listing/link IF they have checked ALL the information and responses with the cattery owner and ascertained the specific information requested for sign up and IF the breeder themselves is not online.

* All information provided below through this form that is not specifically for use in the listing will be kept strictly confidential and is only for our use to knowledgably list the site and administer the website. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

* We reserve the right to decline a listing or link and to remove a listing or link at any time.

  • Please provide the following contact information:

    Your Name  
    Cattery Name  
  • Enter the year your cattery was first registered:
  • Enter associations your register kittens with (CFA, TICA, FIFE, etc):


  • Select any of the following options that apply which describe you or your cattery:

    educate buyers about my breed(s)
    educate buyers about cat care & maintenance
    thoroughly screen buyers
    do not sell kittens before 12 weeks of age
    vaccinate all kittens before placement
    require spay/neuter contract on pets
    spay/neuter pets before placement
    provide health guarantee in contract on every sale
    provide references to buyers
    offer ability to talk to my vet for reference
    require owner contact me before cat is rehomed
    help with rehoming if needed
    donate to local /national hands-on Rescue groups
    donate to Breed or Purebred Rescue groups
    donate through my club's efforts or donations 
    do active hands-on rescue of my breed*
    do active hands-on rescue of strays*
    do rescue transport*
    have donated more than $100 to a registry-wide, registry supported Rescue effort in 2001*

    * At least one of these last four must be checked in order qualify for free enhanced listing that includes 3 photos.


  • If you have made a substantial donation ($100+) to registry-based, registry- wide rescue efforts (such as CFA Purebred Rescue or CFA Disaster Relief) within this calendar year, please provide the details:

  • One of the last two items MUST be checked:

    I am the cattery owner
    I am the webmaster of a cattery webpage


    After submitting your form here, may we suggest you also consider listing your site on Netpets and click the banner below? Their site is very, very active and your donation (necessary for the listing) is 100% tax deductible and part of that will be sent to the Feline Rescue Network and help to maintain and grow  our site.


    And also submit your site to http://coolpetsites.com/petlinks and http://coolcatsites.net/links/pages


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Revised: February 22, 2003

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