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      Animal welfare is based on the time-honored traditional relationship of man and animal. It emphasizes respect for and concern for animals, and the concept that animals deserve to be treated humanely, provided a quality life and a humane death. Unlike the Animal Rights philosophy, Animal welfare supports responsible ownership, breeding and use of animals in agriculture, research, and other venues.

      Animal rights groups seek the end to all breeding of animals. Their stated ultimate goal is NO USE OF ANIMALS BY MAN -- not for food, fiber, medical research nor even as pets. NO USE OF ANIMALS BY MAN -- not for food, fiber, medical research nor even as pets.

      In recent years, animal rights extremists have manipulated public perception with exaggerated and distorted data. They are the largest, most vocal group impacting on laws and issues relating to animals and are generally extremely well funded by people misled by their erroneous data. Animal Rights organizations, such as HSUS and PETA, spend a significant portion of the donations sent to them on such legislative initiatives. While some of their initiatives would appear superficially to make sense to the general public, they ignore much more workable alternatives that would not support the ultimate aim of abolishing the use of animals by man, and which may, as a result, have ramifications that are far more dangerous to our society than are seen at first glance. Thus, without public awareness, the rights of animal owners are being gradually eroded, while animal welfare is getting lost in the shuffle.

      Some of the animal rights goals are subtle and aimed at gradually achieving their ends... like the effort to substitute "companion animal" for "pet" in our laws and vocabulary and in the process gradually destroy the concept of pet ownership and your ability to own pets. Such smoke and mirrors tend to cloud their real aims, as you will see when you visit the links below. We encourage you to join us in responsible animal advocacy by supporting animal welfare goals and recognizing the danger posed to our society by the animal rights movement.

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          • What Every Pet Owner Should know about Animal Rights 

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          • Do Animals Have the Right to Choose Human Companionship?

          • HSUS “fact sheet” distorts animal control issues and answers

          • Dogs will be dogs . . . but cats won’t

          • Are there too many dogs and cats?

          • Redefining "Pet Overpopulation" is a *MUST READ* for anyone who wishes to stay on top of the current situation in this country surrounding animal shelters, pounds and humane societies.

          • The Humane Society of the United States - It's not about Shelters

          • Do you really know about the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and what it doesn't do?

          • Animal Right Myths FAQ

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          • Liberation Zoology

          • What is the REAL agenda of the animal rights movement?

          • San Francisco SPCA - impressively progressive programs and Position  Paper on Cat Licensing

          • Are Owned Cats Causing a Population Crisis?

          • Pedigree Cats Face Extinction

          • Quotes from Animal Rights Activists

          • Quotes from Animal Rights Leaders

          • The booming economy has fueled Animal Rights budgets. The Better Business Bureau has  breakdowns of where your charity dollars go.  PETA finances  don't appear to meet the Better Business Bureau's Standards for Charitable Contributions. To inquire about a charity or file a complaint against a charity, contact the Philanthropic Advisory Service.

          • The National Pet Alliance

          • The NAIA Trust

          • Join the NAIA-animaltalk Email list and learn about NAIA

          • Animal RIghts vs Animal Welfare - Explaining the difference to a child

          • The San Mateo County Ordinance.. an Abysmal Failure

          • Animal Owners United

          • Americans for Medical Progress

          • The Trojan Horse of Animal Protectionism

          • Fight Animal Rights Homepage

          • Want to know how to contact your Congressional Representatives or State Representatives?

          • NEW SITE FOR ADVOCACY IN AN ELECTION YEARThe Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance (SAOVA) has constructed a new, expanded website at http://saova.org Please visit this new site and participate in the poll "Does your U.S. House Representative support hunting, fishing and animal ownership?" There's an opportunity to check your answer against his or her voting record!

          • JOIN Animal Owners United:




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